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Glycoside is a group of compounds consisting of a pyranose sugar linked to a noncarbohydrate residue.

Structure of salicin

Because of the “noncarbohydrate residue” in the above definition, disaccharides are not glycoside.

Definitions in the literature

  • Any one of a group of compounds consisting of a pyranose sugar residue, such as glucose, linked to a noncarbohydrate residue (R) by a glycosidic bond: the hydroxyl group (-OH) on carbon-1 of the sugar is replaced by -OR [1].
  • Originally mixed acetals resulting from the attachment of a glycosyl group to a non-acyl group RO– (which itself may be derived from a saccharide and chalcogen replacements thereof (RS–, RSe–). The bond between the glycosyl group and the OR group is called a glycosidic bond. By extension, the terms N-glycosides and C-glycosides are used as class names for glycosylamines and for compounds having a glycosyl group attached to a hydrocarbyl group respectively.
  • any of numerous sugar derivatives that contain a nonsugar group bonded to an oxygen or nitrogen atom and that on hydrolysis yield a sugar (such as glucose)